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Postdoc Office at HZB

The Postdoc Office is your central contact point during your time at HZB. We provide information, networking and qualification opportunities, personal counseling as well as support in your career planning.

Are you a new postdoc at HZB?

We invite you to our welcome talks, which will give you an overview of our offers, relevant contacts at HZB or to other organizations. Please make an appointment with us! Send us an E-Mail to get onto our HZB Postdoc mailing list and stay informed about our activities.

Meet your peers

During our events, e.g. our in-house qualification, Science Career Talks or lectures, you can meet other Postdocs at HZB. In addition, the independent Postdoc Association (PA)  organises regular get-togethers on both HZB campuses.

Improve your personal skills

The working group of personnel development offers training opportunities, including leadership skills, language courses and IT competencies. As an HZB employee, you can also participate in external training offers, financed by HZB. We gladly discuss your qualification wishes with you and find suitable measures.

Plan your next career step

Your career development at HZB starts on your first day. It includes your personnel skill improvement, your scientific profile as well as your plans concerning your career path, eventually beyond HZB or beyond academia. Together with your PI, we support you on your way. During your welcome talk we provide you with valuable information for a productive postdoc time at HZB.

Need to know more?

The Postdoc office as a contact point cooperates with other departments and working groups at HZB to find support for your individual needs. Some of them are:

  • The Office for Work and Life (OWL) (internal) - support for reconciling personal and professional duties.
  • Support regarding funding options Research Programs and Funding (internal)
  • Advice and support for potential technology projects in cooperation with industry partners: Department Innovation and Transfer (internal).
  • Several ombudspersons (internal) may be contacted for questions concerning good scientific practice.

I am looking forward to meeting with you! And please share your ideas for additional offers with me!