Voting for your favourite for SAS2021

In the period 7 -21 December 2016 you can participate in voting for your favorite place that should host the International Conference on Small-Angle Scattering in 2021. This vote shall be based on the bids offered by three contestants. You find their bidding documents in the section below. The Korean bid had been revised (mainly in respect to the personnel contributing to the organization) in comparison to the first version that has been published here in spring. Those delegates that participated in the Conferences in Oxford 2009, or Sydney 2012, or last year’s conference in Berlin, are eligible to vote. That this vote is performed electronically has been decided and published by the IUCr SAS committee’s evaluation board 2015 in Berlin, as there were no official bids present by that date.

You get an invitation through from PollMaker to participate. Those delegates that miss this invitation although they participated should write to and request their inclusion to the process by stating the conference they have visited.

The result of this poll is the delegate’s recommendation to the evaluation committee, which will thereafter present its final decision.

The process of voting:

  1. You get an invitation per e-mail to your account in which you can chose only one of six options.
  2. Fill in your e-mail address. The voting platform is cross-checking whether you use it from your e-mail address stated in the invitation.
  3. Vote for only one combination of your most favorable venue and your second most favorable venue.
  4. You can correct your decision by voting again, but only the last recorded choice is counted.
  5. Voting is only possible until the published deadline.
  6. We are looking for the winner of this poll in the following procedure
    • If one 1st choice venue gets the absolute majority of votes it is considered the overall favorite of the (voting) delegates.
    • If we don’t find a venue holding the absolute majority of all 1st choices, we take the 2nd choices that are connected to the No. 3 placed venue and add them to the votes that have been given as 1st choice to the other two venues. The venue with the majority of these combined votes is the winner of this poll.

Bids to host SAS2021

Dear Small-Angle Scatterers, three bids from Brazil, South Korea and Taiwan have been submitted from scientific institutions to host a forthcoming International Small-Angle Scattering Conference in 2021. The evaluation committtee opens them for viewing and discussion. Please check the documents by downloading from the following list:







Rep. of South Korea

Taiwan (Rep. of China)

Proposed dates




Presenting document

 Proposal  Proposal  Proposal

Additional information

 Info  Info  

Preliminary or venue website


 We will inform you soon about the electronic voting procedure that is planned for Automn 2016.

Original Solicitation Note from the Evaluation Committee

Dear Small-Angle Scatterers,

The SAS2015 Conference organizers with the Commission on Small-Angle Scattering of the International Union of Crystallography ( hereby solicits applications from scientific institutions to host a forthcoming International Small-Angle Scattering Conference in 2021. (...)

SAS2021 Conference Site Bid Criteria