Yimeng Ma

 Yimeng Ma

Postdoctoral Chemist
Institut Solare Brennstoffe

Tel (030) 8062 - 42080 Fax (030) 8062 - 42434 mail


2011-2015: PhD in Chemistry, Imperial College London, Supervisor: Prof James Durrant

Thesis title: Dynamics of Charge Carriers in Bismuth Vanadate Photoanodes for Water Splitting Using Solar Energy

2009-2010: MSc in Nanotechnology, Department of EEE, University College London

2005-2009: BSc in Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Lanzhou University


Research skills:

Transient absorption spectroscopy, semiconductor photo-electrochemistry, electrocatalysis, transient optoelectronic characterisations, organic / hybrid / dye-sensitised photovoltaic, solar water splitting, CO2 reduction, OLED, OFET


5. Y. Ma, CA. Mesa, E. Pastor, A. Kafizas, L. Francas, F. Le Formal, SR Pendlebury and JR Durrant. Rate Law Analysis of Water Oxidation and Hole Scavenging on a BiVO4 photoanode. ACS Energy Letters. DOI: 10.1021/acsenergylett.6b00263

4. Y. Ma, A. Kafizas, SR Pendlebury, F. Le Formal, JR Durrant  photoinduced Absorption Spectroscopy of COPI on BiVO4: The Function of COPI during Water Oxidation. Advanced Functional Materials, 26 (27), 4951-4960

3. Y. Ma, F. Le Formal, A. Kafizas, SR Pendlebury, JR Durrant. Efficient Suppression of Back Electron / Hole Recombination in Cobalt Phosphate Surface-Modified undoped Bismuth vanadate Photo Anodes. Journal of Materials Chemistry A. 2015.3, 20649 - 20,657.

2. Y. Ma, SR Pendlebury, A. Reynal, F. Le Formal, JR Durrant. Dynamics of Photo Generated Holes in undoped BiVO4 Photo Anodes for Solar Water Oxidation. Chemical Science, 2014, 5, 2964-2973.

1. B. Lei, Y. Ma, J. Li, H. Liu, X. Yao, G. Paola. Prediction of the adsorption capability Onto activated carbon of a large data set of chemicals by local lazy regression method. Atmospheric Environment, 2010 44, 2954