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A schedule for the scientific kick off is now available. The program comprises invited talks, project discussions, and posters. Note that on Monday afternoon (6th August) the formal opening of the Virtual Institute will take place. Wednesday afternoon marks the transition from the workshop to the summer school.

Preliminary schedule Kick-Off-Workshop






Kick-Off Workshop

Monday 6 August 





Arrival and registration









Session 1



Atomic and nanoscale structure from coherent scattering, diffraction and imaging






Prospects of imaging molecules with x-ray FELs - H Chapman






Nano-small and femto-fast: looking into extremes at free electron lasers - S Eisebitt






Controlled molecular imaging - J Küpper






Chemical research with free electron laser radiation - S Techert



Social Event



Frederisiko (guided tour) and lunch












Official opening of the Virtual Helmholtz Institute with greeting addresses



Key note lecture



The scientific revolution enabled by x-ray free electron lasers - J Stöhr






Welcome reception












Project discussion







Tuesday 7 August



Session 2



Quantum materials, magnetism and correlated solids






Structure and dynamics of quantum matter: a view from real-, k- and q-space - M.Golden






Angle-resolved photoemission on correlated systems: From synchrotrons to x-ray free electron lasers - S Molodtsov






Eletronic spin correlation on the fs-timescale - M Weinelt












Optically excited states of low-dimensional materials probed with non-linear optics and angle-resolved photoemission - U Bovensiepen






Emerging magnetic order far from equilibrium - H. Dürr






Structure and dynamics of domains of complex materials studied with medium-hard synchrotron light - M Sprung

Ultrafast dynamics of amplitude and phase excitations in charge and spin-ordered materials - Patrick Kirchmann









Project session



Project talks P1 - P10 a 15 min each + poster session











Project discussion







Wednesday 8 August


Session 3



Molecular dynamics in physical chemistry and catalysis






Ultrafast electron dynamics in solids and at surfaces - W Wurth






Photoionization and fragmentation of water clusters by XUV light: Non-adiabatic pathways to Coulomb explosion - O Vendrell












Novel methods for studying time-resolved structural and electronic dynamics in molecules - M Vrakking






Opportunities to probe water and aqueous solutions with FELs - A Nilsson






Bond breaking and wave packet dynamics in molecules - A Föhlisch












Workshop summary + project discussions






Thursday 9 August





Summer School - Our toolbox



X-ray spectroscopy – from fundamentals to application

Magnetic spectroscopy

Magnetic scattering

Dynamic aspects of X-ray spectroscopy

Speaker: A Nilson, I. Radu, C. Schüßler, A. Föhlisch







Friday 10 August




Summer School - Out toolbox





X-ray spectroscopy of molecular dynamics

X-ray methods for ultrafast structural dynamics

Ultrafast laser science – from laser basics to application

High harmonic generator – laser based VUV sources

  P.  Wernet, M. Bargheer, M. Weinelt, R. Carley