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Distinct strength of quasielastic neutron spectroscopy is the ability to deliver direct information in both space and time (10-12 – 10-6 s), while other spectroscopic probes are either local (such as hyperfine field methods) or macroscopic in the spatial dimension (such as light scattering). The high data rates and new instrumental capabilities of modern spectrometers open up new opportunities for systematic, in situ and kinematic investigations. Direct neutron spectroscopic measurements in the space and time domain allow us to benchmark and validate molecular dynamic model calculations forming a very powerful tool in exploring nanoscale dynamics and functionality.

We would like to invite you to the international conference on quasielastic neutron scattering QENS 2016, which will take part from 5 to 8 of September 2016 in Potsdam. Established in Windsor in 1992 the conference series aims to bring together newcomers and experienced scientists to share the latest developments in the investigation of the dynamics phenomena in materials using quasi-elastic neutron scattering. This issue of the conference will be focused on functional materials for energy and information technology applications. Modeling, either to deeper understanding of experimental data, or in the prediction of new materials and phenomena will also be part of the conference. A special session will be dedicated to water.


The topics of the conference include dynamics phenomena in.

  •  Hydrogen and gas storage systems
  •  Batteries, supercapacitors and fast ionic conductors
  •  Catalysis
  •  Semiconductors
  •  Materials for solar cells
  •  Thermoelectrics
  •  Ionic liquids
  •  Water and aqueous solutions
  •  Ferrielectrics, ferroelectrics and multiferroics
  •  Quantum magnets
  •  Highly correlated electron system
  •  Superconductors
  •  Nanostructured materials for energy applications
  •  Biomaterials
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