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Keynote and Invited Speakers

Piers R. F. Barnes (Imperial College London)
-> "Movement and disorder in methylammounium lead halides for solar cells"

Olivier Delaire (Duke University)
-> "Photon Scattering Processes in Thermoelectrics Investigated with Neutron Scattering and First-Principles Simulations"

David Djurado (CNRS)
-> "Lattice and local dynamics in disordered solid materials for organic and hybrid (opto)electronic applications"

Michael Koza (Institute Laue-Langevin)
-> "Relaxation Processes in Thermoelectric Materials"

 Natalie Malikova (University Pierre and Marie Curie)
-> "Interactions in polyelectrolyte solutions probed by neutron scattering charge, hydrophobicity and ion-specific effects"

Kazuhiro Mori (Kyoto University)
-> "Direct observation of fast lithium-ion diffusion in a superionic conductor: Li7P3S11 metastable crystal"

Stephane Rols (Institut Laue-Langevin)
-> "Hydrogen motions in defective graphene: the role of surface defects"

Marie-Louise Saboungi (University Pierre and Marie Curie)
-> "Relaxation in a prototype ionic liquid and its mixture with water"

Tilo Seydel (Institut Laue-Langevin)
-> "High-resolution spectroscopy of proteins in solution"

Andreas Stadler (FZ Jülich)
-> "Internal Protein Dynamics Investigated with Quasielastic Neutron Scattering"

Christopher Stock (University of Edinburgh)
-> "Soft excitations in perovskite piezoelectrics and photovoltaics"

Alberto Striolo (University College London)
-> "Transport Mechanisms in Confinement: Are Molecular Simulations Helpful?"