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Tandem PV Workshop

Chairman's message

Chairman's message

tandem cell

Tandem solar cells have emerged as a promising option for surpassing the single-junction efficiency limit, with impressive power conversion efficiencies above 29% reported recently in metal halide perovskite/silicon tandems as well as highly efficient III-V/silicon and perovskite/CIGS devices. Therefore, we believe that the time is right to launch the tandemPV workshop: this will be the first dedicated event to bring together researchers from around the world who are studying tandem solar cells, with an emphasis on perovskite/silicon-based devices.

The scope of the workshop encompasses the whole range of related topics:

The first day will be dedicated to materials research, discussing the challenges in top and bottom cell materials including carrier selective contacts and interconnection layers for tandems.

On the second day, we will focus on the tandem devices, especially the most mature ones: perovskite-silicon solar cells. We will also look at other technologies such as III-V tandems: What can we learn from their long history, on topics such as device design or calibrated device characterization?

Finally, the workshop will be rounded off on the third day with an industry day, where topics such as upscaling, industrialization and module technology of tandem cells will be covered, again focussing on perovskite/silicon tandems.

The oral presentations will be given by invited speakers who are key players in their fields. In addition, we will have a poster session which will be open to contributions from all participants.

The tandemPV workshop will take place in Berlin-Adlershof on April 14-16, 2021. We aim at a hybrid on-site and online workshop; if required by the Covid-19 situation, we will change to a fully online workshop.

We are very much looking forward to having you in Berlin for an exciting workshop!

Best wishes,

Lars Korte, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin