About us

We are part of an expert team that acts in the fields of ophthalmology, radiooncology, and medical physics. Together with the department of ophthalmology and the department of radiooncology of the Charité, the HZB staff actively contributes to tumour therapy.

Leitender Medizinphysiker (Charité)

Dr. Jens Heufelder (030) 8062-42498 (030) 8062-42145

Head of proton therapy (HZB)

Physicist (HZB)

Dr. Jörg Röhrich

Physicist (HZB)

Radiation Therapist (Charité)

Susanne Runge (030) 8062-42138 (030) 8062-42145

Radiation Therapist (Charité)

Lydia Leser (030) 8062-42138 (030) 8062-42145

MTRA (Charité)

Nancy Lücke (030) 8062-42138 (030) 8062-42145