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Oral Presentations

Upload of Oral Presentations

Please upload your electronic presentation to the ERL2019 SPMS website as early as possible but at the latest by 15:00 on the day before the presentation. Name the file with the program code and "_talk" (for example, MOIACC001_talk.ppt).

Accepted formats are Microsoft PowerPoint and PDF. To ensure smooth running of presentations, please embed all fonts in your slides.

Note that the computers used for the presentations will be PCs running Windows; use of personal laptops cannot be accommodated. If this will cause you problems, or if you have any special requirements concerning visual aids, please contact the Local Organizing Committee well in advance of the workshop.

A Speakers’ Office will be available for speakers to check their presentations after uploading them to the SPMS server. In case of problems uploading presentations, the slides may be brought to the presentations office at the latest by 15:00 on the day before the presentation. Before your session, please check that everything has been loaded correctly.

Opening hours of the Speakers’ Office will be posted here in advance of the workshop.

Please be advised that all slides presented during the workshop will also be published online in the JACoW ERL2019 proceedings.


During the Presentation

The Scientific Secretary on the podium will help you with your presentation. Please get in contact with them just before the session with your talk starts.

At the podium you will be presented with a computer displaying your presentation, a laser pointer, and a wireless device to control your presentation.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Local Organizing Committee for further clarifications.