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Paper Preparation and Submission

Papers should be uploaded to the ERL2019 SPMS website.

The deadline for the submission of contributions to the Proceedings of ERL2019 is: Tuesday, 1st October 2019.

Paper Preparation Guidelines

Papers should be prepared according to the guidelines given in the JACoW electronic publication help pages. Formatting requirements are described in detail in the JACoW templates:

Papers accompanying general presentations should be limited to five pages, but there is no page limit for the working group summaries. References are not included in the page limit; they may continue onto an additional page. Please take special care to format references correctly and make sure to include all information, including DOI when possible.

Upload of Papers

Once the paper has been prepared using the JACoW template and following the paper preparation guidelines, the author should submit the source file, a PDF made from this source file, and all illustrations in their native formats. All uploaded files should be named according to the paper’s programme code; for example, for paper MOIACC001, the following files should be uploaded:

A PDF of the paper:
•      MOIACC001.pdf

A source file:
•      MOIACC001.tex (if LaTeX was used)
•      MOIACC001.doc (if MS Word was used)
•      MOIACC001.odt (if OpenOffice was used)

An image file for each figure (uploaded as "other supporting file"):
•      MOIACC001f1.eps – EPS file containing figure 1
•      MOIACC001f2.tif – TIFF file containing figure 2
•      etc…

Once all files are ready for submission, login to your author account via ERL2019 SPMS website, choose the paper you are working on and click the "File Upload" link. Then upload all of the requested files, properly named following the convention described above.

Please verify that the paper title and co-authors entered into the SPMS are identical to what is on the paper. If this is not the case, click on the links "edit" or "authors" and update. SPMS data will be used for the production of the table of contents and author index of the proceedings. Failure to enter all co-authors means they will be omitted from the author index in the ERL2019 Proceedings.

Note: The paper submission deadline is after the workshop to allow for the inclusion of information from the workshop. However, papers submitted earlier will be processed by the editorial team starting the week of the workshop, which will allow the authors to get in contact with the editing team during the workshop. Opening hours for the editorial office will be posted here in advance of the workshop. Authors will receive a mail indicating the status of their paper after processing and can also retrieve this information by logging in to their author account.