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Project PECSYS

Enel Green Power

Enel Green Power (EGP) is the Group company dedicated to the development and management of power generation from renewable sources. EGP operates more than 1200 plants in 30 countries in Europe, Africa, America and Asia, counting more than 7000 people, an installed capacity of about  40 GW, and an annual production of more than 90 TWh mainly generated from water, sun, wind, geothermal and biomass, able to avoid every year million tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

In Italy EGP Company operates in the market of all renewable technologies, with a strong presence, however, in the hydroelectric and wind energy market and a leadership in PV energy. EGP has a large expertise from Italian and other PV markets and is active internationally in projects integrating large amounts of small-scale PV generation in the grid.

EGP is also engaged in the production of photovoltaic solar panels, through its business line 3SUN, located in Catania.  Currently, 3SUN is the main Italian PV factory and one of the biggest in Europe: starting from end of 2011, has produced nearly 7 million of thin-film photovoltaic modules in multi-junction amorphous silicon, with annual capacity of 200MWp/y. Born in 2010 as a 50-50 Joint Venture of three partners (EGP, Sharp and STMicroelectronics): from April 2018 3SUN is wholly included in EGP organization. 3SUN is completing a new assembly line for glass/glass bifacial modules with an initial assembly capacity of about 80MW/y with a project to increase up to 240MW/y. In parallel the company is working also on the construction of Heterojunction Cells line that will start to produce 240MW/y in 2019 reaching the full capacity in 2020.

Role in PECSYS

EGP shall provide silicon heterojunction PV modules for both WP4 and for WP7 to the demonstrator if required. In addition, EGP is responsible for developing and writing the Business Plan taking into account the Key Exploitable Results as part of WP8