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Project PECSYS

Solibro Research AB

Solibro Research AB (SRAB), Uppsala, Sweden, is the R&D organization of Solibro which has is production in Thalheim, Germany. Up to date the cumulative production of commercial CIGS thin film PV modules amounts to 230 MWP, which makes Solibro the second largest CIGS Company worldwide. Solibro Research employs around 30 engineers and technicians.

Role in PECSYS

  • SRAB leads WP8 and is responsible for initiate commercial or non-commercial follow-up activities and preparing a business plan for exploitation of the results after the project ends.
  • SRAB shall also provide full sized CuInGaSe PV modules for WP4 and for the upscaling of CIGSe based devices from WP3 to the demonstrator if required.