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Programme - Day 1: Joint Foresight & HERCULES Workshop


Monday, 10. Oct. 2016 (Registration WISTA Centre)



  Overview Talks (Bunsensaal, WISTA Centre)
09:15 Global Energy Challenge, Neal Armstrong, University of Arizona, USA
09:45 Solar Fuels, Roel van de Krol, HZB, DE
10:15 Photovoltaics, Christoph Brabec, Universität Erlangen, FAU, DE
10:45 Coffee Break
11:15 Energy Storage, Peter Wasserscheid, Universität Erlangen, FAU, DE
11:45 Efficient Use of Energy, Emil List-Kratochvil, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, DE
12:15 Welcome Address, Anke Kaysser-Pyzalla, HZB, DE
12:30 Lunch
  Photovoltaics Session (Bunsensaal, WISTA Centre)
13:30 David Cahen, Weizmann Institute of Science, IL
14:00 Norbert Koch, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, DE
14:30 Wim Sinke, University of Amsterdam, NL
15:00 Eva Unger, University of Lund, SE
15:30 Ideas, Suggestions and Requirements concerning beam, instrumentation  and sample environment
15:45 Coffee Break
  From Research to Products Session (Bunsensaal, WISTA Centre)
16:15 Martin Hermle, Fraunhofer ISE, DE
16:45 Armin Froitzheim, SolarWorld Industries Thüringen GmbH, DE
17:15 Stefan Koller, VARTA Micro Innovation, AT
17:45 Antonio Facchetti, Polyera, USA
18:15 Rutger Schlatmann, PVcomB, DE
18:45 Ideas, Suggestions and Requirements concerning beam, instrumentation  and sample environment
19:00 End of the Day



Programme - Day 2: HERCULES Workshop

Presentations can be downloaded by clicking on the presentation titles.

from Monday, 10. Oct.:

Silicon Solar Cells - Current Production and Future Concepts
M. Hermle, Fraunhofer ISE, Germany

Tuesday, 11. Oct. 2016 (Registration: HZB Building 13.10, Kekuléstr. 7, foyer)



Delfina Munoz, INES • Lars Korte & Bernd Rech, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin                                                   

  High Temperature/Diffused Junction Cells; Heterojunction Cells
(HZB Building 13.10 - Lecture Room "Kino")
9:15 Low cost IBC cell processes for industrial application
Valentin Mihailetchi, ISC Konstanz, Germany

Production of Bifacial Silicon Heterojunction Technology that Improves System LCOE

Bo Li, Sunpreme, China

10:15 Coffee break
10:40 Towards 25 percent efficient silicon IBC solar cells with POLO junctions
Agnes Merkle, ISFH, Hamelin, Germany
11:10 Cost effective n-type CZ silicon production
Yu Hu, NorSun, Norway
11:40 Lunch break + poster session
  Heterojunction Cells and Modules
(HZB Building 13.10 - Lecture Room "Kino")

Crystalline silicon heterojunction solar cell exceeding 26 percent conversion efficiency                             

Kunta Yoshikawa, Kaneka, Japan

13:45 Silicon Heterojunciton Research on Pilot Line Level
Samuel Harrison, INES, France
14:15 Silicon Heterojunction Metallization and Modules Approaches
Antonin Faes, CSEM, Switzerland
14:45 Coffee break
  Upscaling, Modules & Systems
(HZB Building 13.10 - Lecture Room "Kino")
15:15 Results from MeyerBurger's cell & module pilot lines
Heiko Mehlich, MeyerBurger
15:40 Back Junction Back Contact Module integration
Andreas Halm, ISC Konstanz, Germany

Metal Wrap through Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells -
A Simple Technology Integrating High Performance Cell and Module Technologies

Jan Kroon, ECN, Netherlands


Modeling of Single-axis tracking, applications to HET and IBC modules

Julien Dupuis, EDF, France

16:55 Break
  Future Concepts
(HZB Building 13.10 - Lecture Room "Kino")

Perovskite/Silicon Tandem Cells

Daniel Kirk, Oxford PV, United Kingdom

17:25 Strategies for ultimate current generation in silicon heterojunction solar cells
Andrea Tomasi, EPFL, Switzerland
17:50 General Discussion & Summary
18:00 End of the Workshop
  Visit of the BESSY II Experimental Hall