Competence Centre Thin-Film- and Nanotechnology for Photovoltaics Berlin

Technology Transfer – Bridging the gap between fundamental science and industry

The mission of PVcomB is to support worldwide growth of thin-film photovoltaic technologies and products by providing top-level development and technology transfer. In co-operative R&D projects with academia and industry all relevant aspects of thin-film photovoltaics are addressed. Therefore, PVcomB operates complete R&D reference lines for 30 x 30 cm² solar modules based on thin-film silicon and CIGS as well as 5- and 6-inch silicon heterojunction cells. We benefit from the synergetic effects by addressing topics covering the different technologies like the development of transparent and conductive oxides (TCO's), contacts and barrier layers or laser-based interconnection technologies. State of the art analytics and modeling are used to optimize processes, device performance and reliability. The structure of PVcomB is unique in its combination of research & development with high-level education and training.

Recent publications

"Dünnschichtphotovoltaik – Technologien für die Energiewende"
Rau, B.; Unger, E.; Kirchartz, T.; Henze, N.; Colsmann, A.; Baumann, A.; Powalla, M.; Kessler, F.,
FVEE Themen, Innovationen für die Energiewende, 74-80 (2017).


"Revealing and Identifying Laser-Induced Damages in CIGSe Solar Cells by Photoluminescence"
Schultz, C.; Farias Basulto, G.A.; Ring, S.; Wolf, C.; Schlatmann, R.; Stegemann, B.,
accepted for publication in IEEE journal of photovoltaics.


"Lateral phase separation in Cu-In-Ga precursor and Cu(In,Ga)Se2 absorber thin films"
Bäcker, J.-P.; Schmidt, S.S.; Rodriguez-Alvarez, H.; Wolf, C.; Kaufmann, C.A.; Hartig, M.; Mainz, R.; Schlatmann, R.,
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 162 (2017), p. 120–126.


"Evolution of opto-electronic properties during film formation of complex semiconductors."
Heinemann, M.D.; Mainz, R.; Österle, F.; Rodriguez-Alvarez, H.; Greiner, D.; Kaufmann, C.A.; Unold, T.,
Scientific Reports 7 (2017), p. 48463/1-9.


"Amorphous oxides as electron transport layers in Cu(In,Ga)Se2 superstrate devices"
Heinemann, M.D.; van Hest, M.F.A.M.; Contreras, M; Perkins, J.D.; Zakutayev, A; Kaufmann, C.A.; Unold, T; Ginsley, D.S.; Berry, J.J,
Physica Status Solidi A 214 (2017), p. 1600870/1-6.


"Investigating sulfur distribution and corresponding bandgap grading in Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se)2 absorber layers processed by fast atmospheric chalcogenization of metal precursors"
Kodalle, T.; Schmidt, S.S.; Wolf, C.; Greiner, D.; Bloeck, U.; Schubert-Bischoff, P.; Kaufmann, C.A.; Schlatmann, R,
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 703 (2017), p. 600-604.


"Nanocrystalline silicon emitter optimization for Si-HJ solar cells: Substrate selectivity and CO2 plasma treatment effect"
Mazzarella, L.; Kirner, S.; Gabriel, O.; Schmidt, S.S.; Korte, L.; Stannowski, B.; Rech, B.; Schlatmann, R.,
Physica Status Solidi A 214 (2017), p. 1532958/1-7.


"Interface Engineering for Liquid-Phase Crystallized-Silicon Solar Cells on Glass"
Preissler, N.; Amkreutz, D.; Sonntag, P.; Trahms, M.; Schlatmann, R.; Rech, B.,
Solar RRL 2017 (2017), p. 1700015/1-5.


"Adjusting the Ga grading during fast atmospheric processing of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cell absorber layers using elemental selenium vapor.",
Schmidt, S.S.; Wolf, C.; Rodriguez-Alvarez, H.; Bäcker, J.-P.; Kaufmann, C.A.; Merdes, S.; Ziem, F.; Hartig, M.; Cinque, S.; Dorbandt, I.; Köble, C.; Abou-Ras, D.; Mainz, R.; Schlatmann, R.,
Progress in Photovoltaics 25 (2017), p. 341-357.