Accomodation in Berlin

Upon numerous requests for assistance with the hotel situation, we have evaluated some of the web services providing hotel reservations and compiled a list of links which you might want to try in case you have trouble finding a hotel for the conference:

1) We have reserved a small contingent of rooms in two hotels:

The Maritim proArte is closest to the conference venue, but highly priced.

The Motel One is an inexpensive alternative located 20 minutes away from the conference venue in a working class area with international flair. The venue can be reached by taking the M29 bus to Checkpoint Charlie and walking 500m north from there (or going two stations with the U6 in the direction of Alt Tegel until U Französische Straße).

2) Official link by the Berlin tourist info
(Use the German interface as the English version gives fewer results for some reason. The positions of the respective search fields are identical in both languages.)

3) If you go to the SRF 2009 google map and enter "hotels" in the search field you will be shown links to all hotels in the vicinity of the conference venue which can be contacted individually through a web interface by clicking on the hotel icon. If you click on the icon of a subway station on the map, you will be shown the course of any subway line passing through that station. This might help you finding a conveniently located hotel further away from the venue. As mentioned elsewhere, subway riding is the most commonly used means of transportation in Berlin, it's fast, cheap and fairly easy to do. Most trains go every 3-5 minutes; transporation time is roughly 2 minutes per station.

4) You might also want to try . The closest landmark to the venue is Gendarmenmarkt.

Accomodation for Tutorials Session

A contingent of rooms has been blocked at the hotels listed below from 16th Sept. - 20th Sept '09. In order to benefit from the reduced price, the reservation must have been made by Saturday, 1st August '09. Note, that each hotel requires an individual booking procedure as described in the context.

  1. Holiday Inn Dresden
    20 rooms available (optionally single or double room)
    SR 72€ / DR 84€
    You can access the rooms allocated for the conference via phone (call +49 (0) 351 - 8151 - 0), FAX (+49 (0) 351 - 8151 - 333), or e-mail ( Please use the keyword "SRF 09" upon booking.

  2. AO Hotel & Hostel Dresden
    22 single rooms and 12 double rooms available
    SR 55€ / DR 70€
    Unfortunately, reservations can only be made via phone, call ++49(0)30 80947-5110, or by e-mail under - the hyperlink is for information purposes only. Upon booking, you'll need to supply the keyword "DD1-5558". You will then receive a confirmation form which you'll need to fill in, sign and send back to the hotel via FAX. Please note that the payment for the entire stay at this hotel is due upon check-in.

  3. IBIS Bastei Hotel Dresden
    20 rooms available (optionally single rooms or double rooms)
    SR 65 € / DR 85 €
    Reservations can be made by phone, e-mail, or FAX.
    Please use the enclosed form for a FAX reservation. The keyword for any type of reservation is "SRF Workshop 2009".