Speaker guidelines


All oral presentations (invited and contributed) will be given during plenary sessions in the auditorium of the conference venue. The auditorium is open space architecture flushed with day-light.

General Considerations

Your presentation is handled by a dedicated stand-alone computer running Windows, PowerPoint, Acrobat Reader and Quicktime. There is no way to attach your own equipment, switch operating systems, use specific or proprietary software or even show transparencies.

Please read on to make sure that you will not be surprised by any of the restrictions involved.


Please prepare your presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) or Adobe Portable Document (PDF) format. Use only TrueType fonts and embed them (Click Embed True Type Fonts on the Save tab of the Tools->Options... screen before your final document Save). Ultimately your presentation has to be opened on a stand-alone Windows XP system optimized for the variety of attached hardware and not for the latest and most complete software suite.

To embed fonts in PowerPoint XP / 2007:

  1. Select the Office Button and select Power Point Options.
  2. Under Save options, select the Embed fonts in the file checkbox and Embed only the characters used in the presentation.

To embed fonts in PowerPoint XP / 2003:

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Save tab.
  2. Under Save options, select the Embed True Type fonts check box.

To embed fonts in PowerPoint 2000:

  1. On the File menu, click Save As.
  2. Click the Tools menu in the toolbar at the top of the Save As dialog box.
  3. On the menu that appears, select Embed TrueType Fonts.
  4. Save the file as a PowerPoint Presentation.

For PDF files, be sure to include all fonts when preparing the PostScript and PDF files, too.

External Material

Your presentation has to be largely self-contained: you will have no Context Menu, no access to Explorer level, no Internet connection. If you want to show a movie it has to be addressed from within the presentation.


It is planned to convert all presentations to PDF before they are posted on the webpage. Please keep in mind that subsequent animations are mapped on top of each other during the single slide to single page PDF conversion process - possibly obscuring important content.

Submitting your Talk

Speakers are encouraged to upload their presentation material before the conference begins via their SRF09 Jacow account. Name the file(s) with your program code and "_talk" (e.g. MOAAU02_talk.ppt, MOAAU02-1_talk.avi) and then upload in the same way as for papers. Early submission allows for the time possibly needed to work on unforeseen problems.

Those authors who are unable to upload to the server should copy the file to a CD or memory stick and bring it to the Speaker Preparation Office or Paper Reception Office in the Conference Centre at least one day before their talk.

We would appreciate if you could also generate and upload a PDF version of your presentation.

Presenting your Talk

At the podium you will be supplied with a Laser pointer, a simple remote to control your presentation and a wireless head-set microphone. There will be a Speaker Preparation Office at the venue where you should preview your talk and clarify procedures if you have special requests. A clock display will indicate how much time you have left for your presentation. Please contact the Technical Assistant at least 5 min prior to your allocated time slot in order to get your head-set microphone fitted.

Contact and Assistance

Any special requirements concerning visual aids (e.g. embeded movies) should be addressed to the local organizers well in advance of the conference. We will help you with conversion problems if needed but our Mac and Linux resources are quite limited.

Post conference - Proceedings

It is planned to include all presentations converted to PDF into the proceedings web site. Please let us know if you have personal objections or lab policy constraints.