Laboratory tour at Forschungszentrum Dresden

Participants will be given the opportunity to tour the ELBE free electron laser.

The excursion will take place on Wednesday, 23.9.09.

Check the following table for the schedule of the day at FZD.

With laboratory tourWithout laboratory tour*


Bus departure from Berlin to FZDBus departure from Berlin to downtown Dresden
10:40-10:45Introductory remarks by R. SauerbreyIndividual sightseeing in Dresden

10:45-12:15Lecture in the FZD auditorium "Roadmap for the future of SRF" by H. Padamsee and D. Proch
12:15-14:30Lab tour ELBE and lunch buffet
14:45Bus departure to the Frauenkirche in Dresden
15:30-16:00Organ recital in the Frauenkirche
16:00-17:00Individual sightseeing in DresdenIndividual sightseeing in Dresden
17:15Bus departure to Berlin

*A separate bus for those who do not intend to visit the FZD will go directly to downtown Dresden. 

HoBiCaT tour

On Friday afternoon there will be a tour of the CW SRF research facility HoBiCaT, located at HZB and the BESSY ring. Anyone interested can sign up for this tour at the registration desk.