Contribution to PRST-AB

In addition to the "normal" proceedings, SRF2009 has arranged with "Physical Review Special Topics Accelerators and Beams" (PRST-AB) to have a special edition for SRF2009 and we encourage everybody to submit suitable papers to that journal.  The submission deadline for inclusion in the special edition is Nov. 30, 2009.

Here are some requirements:

The papers for publication in PRST-AB cannot be identical to that appearing in the proceedings but must include additional information. This does not mean that there must be new data or results.  Additional details or analysis of the same experimental results ARE acceptable.  The papers will go through the same review process as other submissions to PRST-AB and must be submitted in a similar way by the author to PRST-AB. During submission, indicate that you would like your paper to be included in the SRF09 Special Edition.