Abstract Preparation

Abstract sumission is now closed. However, changes to existing abstract and author lists can be submitted until 1. SEPTEMBER.

All contributions to SRF09 will be managed using the JACoW Scientific Programme Management System (SPMS). All authors must own a profile and associated account within the JACoW Repository, prior to submitting an abstract.

Abstract Title

Enter the title of the abstract using headed capital letters.

Presentation Type

The default presentation type is 'Contribution'. The Scientific Programme Committee will select contributions for oral presentation after the "Call for Abstracts" has been closed. All remaining presentation will be assigned poster presentation.

Classification of Abstracts

All contributions are grouped by the Classification scheme. Authors are reminded that it is their responsibility to properly classify their abstracts to ensure that, if accepted for presentation,the paper is properly placed within the conference programme.

Abstract Text

It should not exceed 1200 characters including spaces.

Special Characters

Since electronic submission over the Web does not allow a simple, straightforward system to enter Greek symbols, superscripts or subscripts, authors are requested to avoid using them.

Footnotes/Funding Agency

Footnotes should not exceed 200 characters. Enter references to publications as many times as necessary and with a carriage return between each. Reference to funding agencies should not exceed 200 characters. This field should be used to request sponsorship at the conference. No carriage returns are allowed. Once the abstract creation is complete, you can submit the abstract.

Abstract Submission & Changes

After abstract submission, a new window opens, that allows authors to print, edit, enter co-authors and designate them as primary or submitting author, or as speaker should the contribution be selected for oral presentation. If necessary, abstracts can also be withdrawn here. Note that all primary and submitting authors can also login to their accounts at a later stage and edit their abstracts/co-author data. When you enter co-authors, this also utilizes the JACoW SPMS system which will check whether a profile/account already exists for the co-author.


The deadline for the submission of abstracts to SRF 2009 is: Saturday, 1.8.2009

Notification of the acceptance of contributions for presentation at the conference will be made to all submitting authors in due time.