Tutorials program

Thursday, September 17th

8:15Bus Transfer from Hotels
9:30-9:45WelcomeR. Sauerbrey, Director FZD
9:45-10:45Basic Principles of RF Superconductivity and SC Cavities

H. Padamsee, Cornell

10:45-11:10Coffee Break

11:10-12:10High-beta Cavity Design

K. Saito, KEK

12:20-13:20Low and Intermediate Beta Cavity DesignA. Facco, INFN Legnano
13:20-14:40Lunch at FZD Cafeteria
14:40-15:40SC Cavity Material, Fabrication and QA W. Singer, DESY
15:40-16:00Coffee Break
16:00-17:00Cavity Preparation and Limits in Cavity PerformanceJ. Mammosser, ORNL
17:15Bus Transfer to Hotels

Friday, September 18th

8:15Bus Transfer from Hotels
9:00-10:00LLRF Control Systems and Tuning Systems C. Hovater, JLAB
10:10-11:10Design and Fabrication Issues of High Power and Higher Order Modes Coupler for Superconducting CavitiesS. Noguchi, KEK
11:10-11:30Coffee Break
11:30-12:30RF Power SourcesJ. Jacob, ESRF
12:40-13:40Guided ELBE Tour
13:40-15:00Lunch at FZD Cafeteria
15:00-16:00Methods and Simulation Tools for Cavity Design
U. van Rienen, U Rostock
16:00-16:20Coffee Break
16:20-17:20Fundamentals of Superconductivity, High-Tc SC, Trends and ApplicationsR. Hühne, IFW Dresden
17:30Bus Transfer to Hotels

Saturday, September 19th

8:15Bus Transfer from Hotels
9:00-10:00Operational Aspects of SC RF Cavities with Beam
S. Belomestnykh, Cornell
10:10-11:10Fundamentals of Cryomodule Design and Module Engineering
N. Ohuchi, KEK
11:10-11:30Coffee Break
11:30-12:30He Refrigerators for AcceleratorsCh. Haberstroh, TU Dresden
12:30-13:30Lunch Buffet at FZD
13:30Bus Transfer to Hotels in Dresden

Some of the files above had been made available in Power Point format earlier. These have been replaced by pdf versions. We would like to apologize to the authors for the inconvenience.