Paper Contribution

Deadline for all uploads of conference papers is midnight (CEST) September 20, 2009. 

No submissions will be accepted at the conference.

The SRF conference series has adopted the Joint Accelerator Conferences Website (JACoW) standard for publication of their proceedings. Detailed formatting requirements are given on the JACoW website. These requirements are also implemented within the JACoW templates which contain styles that will automatically ensure correct typesetting and layout. Templates exist for Word (PC and MAC) and LaTeX.

All authors are requested to use the JACoW templates !

Length of Contributions

Contributed papers may be up to 5 pages long.
Papers for invited talks may be up to 7 pages.

Paper Submission

Submission of contributions can be done via the JACoW database interface


  • The SRF 2009 SPMS conference web site is available for paper upload, starting from 20 August 2009.
  • The deadline for electronic paper submission is 20. September 2009. This is before the conference so that the papers can be processed and any problems can be analyzed and then discussed with authors at the conference.
  • Authors must hand in a hardcopy of their paper at the Paper Acceptance Desk, open during the conference on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:00 to 18:00.

Submission of Electronic Files

Every author must submit a PostScript file, which will be used for production of the proceedings, and all source code files, required for regenerating the paper. Thus authors using MS-Word have to submit the doc-file in addition to the PostScript file while authors using LaTeX have to submit the tex-file and all figure files. Help for preparing PostScript files is available on the JACoW site, both for WORD users and for LaTeX users. Note for LaTeX authors: please use the -j0 option with dvips.

Files should be named according to the paper's program code or Paper ID. Authors will be notified on the definition of their paper ID. A paper ID consists of 5 or 6 characters followed by 2 or 3 numbers, e.g., TUPPO035. For this example the file names should be:

  • - the PostScript file
  • TUPPO035.doc - the WORD source file (MOAIS05.tex if it was a LaTeX document etc.)
  • TUPPO035f1.eps - EPS file containing figure 1
  • TUPPO035f2.tif - TIFF file containing figure 2
  • TUPPO035_POSTER.pdf - Poster file

Note: file extensions should have 3 or fewer characters.

Final checks before paper upload:

  • Make sure to use the requsted fonts and sizes: use only TIMES (roman, bold or italic) and Symbol fonts (in the text and in the figures), 10 pt minimum.
  • Check that there are no page numbers.
  • Check that there are no section or sub-section numbers. Check that the paper title is in uppercase letters.
  • Check that the margins are correct on the printed version (left 20mm (0.79in), bottom 19mm (0.75in), overall height of text 241mm (9.5in)). There may be differences of ±1 mm on the margins from one printer to another.
  • Check the size of the file - an average size should be about 100-300 kBytes. PostScript files which are in the region 1-3 MBytes often cause problems and files larger than 3 MB will almost certainly require modification. If the PostScript file for the paper falls into one of these problem categories, please consult the JACoW recommendations for diagnosis and remedies for large files.
  • Check that the postscript file prints correctly.

Once the files are ready for submission, login to your SRF 2009 account and use the File Upload link.

  • Submit the PostScript file.
  • Submit all of the source files (text and figures) needed to make the paper.
  • Please specify the File Type for each file that is uploaded:

  • Postscript File Postscript file of the entire document. Extension: .ps
  • Source File LaTeX or Word source document. Extension: .tex or .doc
  • Other Supporting Files Source files of figures, tables, etc.
  • Transparencies PDF or PowerPoint files of electronic presentations.