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Device Analysis

Testing and analysis of stand alone and photovoltaic integrated electrolysers

The group under HEMF, runs several facilities for testing photovoltaic driven electrolysis processes under different operation conditions. The outdoor test bed is hosted at the PVcomB outdoor test field while the indoor test bench is located in the group’s own laboratory.

  • Outdoor tests are used to study the device behavior and performance under realistic working conditions
  • An indoor test bench is used to test the integrated PV-EC device within a controlled environment. Long term stability tests are used to analyse and identify degradation effects in electrolyser cells with respect to constant or realistic fluctuating simulated solar irradiation
PVEC system

Comprehensive device testing

Test benches fitted with automated data acquisition are used to simultaneously record various operating and performance parameters of solar hydrogen generating prototypes with power rating starting from a few watts

outdoor testing - enlarged view

Outdoor testing

An integrated PV-EC device during performance tests in the outdoor test bed for realistic operating conditions