• Farias-Basulto, G.A.; Riedel, M.; Khenkin, M.; Schlatmann, R.; Klenk, R.; Ulbrich, C.: Solar spectra datasets at optimum and vertical installation angles in central Europe (Berlin) during 2020, 2021 and 2022. Data in Brief 48 (2023), p. 109273/1-6

Open Access Version

This article provides datasets containing three years worth of solar spectra for the optimum installation angle of 35° and the building-integrated-photovoltaics relevant vertical angle of 90°. These datasets were obtained by measuring the spectrally resolved solar spectra using a five minute interval, where two sets of spectrometers, which measure different ranges of the solar spectrum, were employed. In addition, a merged dataset of these two spectral measurements, related to every specific five minute interval measurement, is provided. An analysis and interpretation of the data using only year the 2020 is provided in “Measurement and analysis of annual solar spectra at different installation angles in central Europe.