Schüle, M.; Schultz, C.; Juzumas, V.; Stelmaszczyk, K.; Weizman, M.; Wolf, C.; Papathanasiou, N.; Rau, B.; Schlatmann, R.; Quaschning, V.; Stegemann, B.; Fink, F.: Laser Patterning of CIGSe Solar Cells Using Nano- and Picosecond Pulses - Possibilities and Challenges. In: Proceedings of the 27th EU-PVSEC 2013, October, Paris France. München, 2013. - ISBN 3-936338-33-7, p. 2302 - 2306
Open Accesn Version

In this work we present results of different strategies of how CIGSe solar cells can be laser scribed focusing on P2 and P3. Therefore a laser source with a wavelength of 532 nm and pulse duration of 13 ns, as well as a laser, with pulse durations of 10 ps for both wavelengths of 532 nm and 1064 nm are used. The ablation mechanisms and the results ablation process (behaviors) due to different wavelengths and pulse durations are studied. Different parameters like process speed, scribe quality and solar cell performance are discussed. Successful laser patterning of all layers is demonstrated on a minimodule reaching 10% efficiency which is slightly better than the needle scribed reference.