Riedel, W.; Wiesner, S.; Greiner, D.; Hinrichs, V.; Rusu, M.; Lux-Steiner, M.Ch.: Hybrid solar cells with ZnO-nanorods and dry processed small molecule absorber. Applied Physics Letters 104 (2014), p. 173503/1-4

We demonstrate hybrid solar cells with ZnO-nanorods (ZnO-NRs) prepared by a low temperature electrochemical method and small molecule organic absorber processed by dry organic vapor phase deposition. A homogeneous coverage of ZnO-NRs by the blend absorber consisting of zinc phthalocyanine (ZnPc) as donor and of fullerene C60 as acceptor is best realized when a thin C60 layer is first inserted at the ZnO-NR/ZnPc:C60 interface. ZnO-NR/C60/ZnPc:C60/MoO3/Ag solar cell devices with efficiencies of 2.8% under an illumination of 100 mW/cm2 at 25 C are demonstrated.