Ring, S.; Kirner, S.; Schultz, C.; Sonntag, P.; Stannowski, B.; Korte, L.; Schlatmann, R.: Emitter Patterning for Back-Contacted Si Heterojunction Solar Cells Using Laser Written Mask Layers for Etching and Self-Aligned Passivation (LEAP). IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics 6 (2016), p. 894-899

A novel emitter patterning method for backcontacted Si heterojunction solar cells is presented, which combines laser processing and wet etching of a mask layer stack with self-aligned repassivation, thus reducing the process complexity, as compared with the commonly used emitter patterning methods. Lifetime samples demonstrate that with a suitable mask stack, laser scribing can be performed without inducing laser damage to the passivation. Despite nonoptimal wet etch and repassivation processes which currently limit the obtained lifetime, proof-of-concept cells on p-type wafers fabricated using this novel emitter patterning process and lithographically patterned metallization exhibit an open-circuit voltage of 694 mV and pseudo-fill-factors of 83%. With the laser written mask layers for etching and self-aligned passivation process, we have thus developed the proof-of-concept for a simple, lithography free, and contactless emitter patterning method for industrial applications