Gref, O.; Weizman, M.; Rhein, H.; Gabriel, O.; Gernert, U.; Schlatmann, R.; Boit, C.; Friedrich, F.: Investigation of laser-fired point contacts on KOH structured laser-crystallized silicon by conductive atomic force microscopy. Applied Surface Science 374 (2016), p. 243-247

A conductive atomic force microscope is used to study the local topography and conductivity of laser-fired aluminum contacts on KOH-structured multicrystalline silicon surfaces. A significant increase in conductivity is observed in the laser-affected area. The area size and spatial uniformity of this enhanced conductivity depends on the laser energy fluence. The laser-affected area shows three ring-shaped regimes of different conductance depending on the local aluminum and oxygen concentration. Finally, it was found that the topographic surface structure determined by the silicon grain orientation does not significantly affect the laser-firing process.