• Kodalle, T.; Kormath, R.; Raghupathy, M.; Bertram, T.; Maticiuc, N.; Yetkin, H.A.; Gunder, R.; Schlatmann, R.; Kühne, T.D.; Kaufmann, C.A.; Mirhosseini, H.: Properties of Co-Evaporated RbInSe2 Thin Films. Physica Status Solidi - Rapid Research Letters 13 (2019), p. 1800564/1-6

Open Access Version

The formation of an Rb-containing In-Se compound at the surface of Cu(In, Ga)Se2(CIGS) thin films is assumed to be part of the mechanism of RbF post-deposition treatments (PDTs) performed on these absorber layers. Alkali- PDTs have acquired attention lately as they significantly enhance the efficiency of CIGS solar cells. In this contribution the formation of various phases during the RbF-PDT has been investigated. The results indicate that RbInSe2 is the most probable phase to form. Combining theoretical and experimental investigations, fundamental properties of a thermally co- evaporated RbInSe2 thin film are reported in order to serve as reference values in further studies.