XUV undulator radiation variable polarization with PGM for meV RIXS + open port

Position des Strahlrohres in der Halle

Position des Strahlrohres in der Halle

Beamline data
Segment H13
Location (Pillar) 15.1
Source UE112 (Elliptical Undulator)
Monochromator PGM with 3 gratings (300 l/mm, 600 l/mm and 1400 l/mm)
Energy range 8 - 690 eV; for extreme values (<50 eV or >400 eV) contact the beamline crew
Energy resolution 30,000 (20-150eV)
> 20,000 (150-350eV) (standard grating)
Flux > 2x1012 ph/s (20-280eV)
ca. 4x1013 ph/s (50-150eV) (standard grating)
Polarisation variable
Divergence horizontal mrad
Divergence vertical mrad
Focus size (hor. x vert.) optimum: ca. 0.001 x 0.02 mm (V x H, FWHM, inside sample chamber)
User endstation The fixed sample chamber allows the transmission of the beam. However, as there are no refocussing optics the beam is highly divergent and tilted at an 4 degree upward angle. 500 mm behind the last port, the beam dimensions are 1.7mm x 9.8 mm (V x H, FWHM).
Distance Focus/last valve -175 mm
Height Focus/floor level mm
Beam availability 12h/d
Phone +49 30 8062 14836
Polyimid foil (150 nm thick) Suppression at about 10 to 80 eV (foil installed)
Al foil (150 nm thick) Suppression at E > 73 eV (and < 15 eV) (foil installed)
Mg foil (240 nm thick) Suppression at E > 50 eV (and < 11 eV) (foil installed)
low-energy suppression Suppression of photon energies slightly above 21 eV, requires user installation of absorption foils. Materials such as Europium (Eu) or Neodymium (Nd) are suggested for this case.
TRIBS usage possible, with limitations, ask the beamline scientist
Applicable station(s)
SolidFlexRIXS 100-1500K
nmTransmission NEXAFS room temperature
ALICE 10 K-475K
meV RIXS --
Absolute Flusskurve (2013/2014, log. Skala)

Absolute Flusskurve (2013/2014, log. Skala)

Beamline Sketch

Beamline Sketch

The low-energy high-flux beamline UE112_PGM-1 with permanent meV RIXS experiment and open port for flexible end stations


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