Vendor Exhibition User Meeting - virtual

This years' vendor exhibition will take place online on Thursday, December 10.

As in previous years an important part of the BESSY@HZB User Meeting will be our vendor exhibition, which will be running alongside the meeting. It will provide your organisation with the great opportunity to present your products to a large number of high impact customers. We expect some 450 participants; surely a significant number for presenting your company, and a good chance to get in contact with new customers using synchrotron radiation and performing experiments at BESSY II.

Within our virtual vendor exhibition we offer two different types of online booth. Both allow for exhibitor icons to be placed around the website to lead attendees to exhibitor resource (one exhibitor per icon).

Type A:
Your icon or company name will be displayed and you will get an opportunity to link to your company's webpage for more information. On-demand and real-time interaction is not possible.
The participation fee for type A is 50 Euro.

Type B:
Your icon or company name will be displayed. This option also includes your own chatroom for attendees to interact with your company on-demand and in real-time.
The participation fee for type B is 100 Euro.

Please find more detailed information on the virtual vendor exhibition and the online registration form here.