Vendor Exhibition User Meeting

As in previous years an important part of the BESSYII@HZB User Meeting will be our vendor exhibition, which will be running alongside the meeting in Adlershof. It will provide your organisation with the great opportunity to present your products to a large number of high impact customers. We expect some 450 participants; surely a significant number for presenting your company, and a good chance to get in contact with new customers using synchrotron radiation and performing experiments at BESSY II.

We will give more than 50 companies the opportunity to present their most recent products related to the field of synchrotron radiation. The exhibition will be arranged in the Newton- and Einstein-Kabinett of the WISTA-conference center.

This years' vendor exhibition will open on Wednesday, December 9th and on Thursday, December 10th.


Floorplan vendor exhibition BESSYII@HZB User Meeting 2019

HZB acknowledges the vendors for their contributions!