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Types of Beamtimes and Proposals

The HZB offers a range of ways to request beamtime at HZB facilities.

Regular Access

Regular access is the standard route to apply for beamtime at HZB. There are two calls for proposals each year with deadlines on the 1st of March and on the 1st of September. All regular access proposals are reviewed by the HZB Scientific Selection Panel (SSP). Beamtime under regular access at HZB is free of charge for national and international academic users, provided that the results from experiments at HZB will be published in the public domain. External users (non-HZB affiliated users) may choose one of the following options:

  • Standard (default for new proposals)
  • CRG (for groups with an existing cooperation contract with HZB)
  • BAG (only MX)

In cases of urgent experiments (hot topic research, samples with finite lifetimes, …) please contact the BEAMTIME COORDINATION to discuss which possibilities might be available. 


Commercial Access

Private sector researchers can use the HZB facilities provided that the research is in collaboration with an academic partner from a university or research organization. Standard review of the proposals applies and results must be published in the public domain. Industry users and users who do not wish to publish their results of HZB experiments in the public domain can arrange to purchase beamtime. Please contact the BEAMTIME COORDINATION to discuss the details.


Access for testing (MX only)

For MX there is the possibility to apply for testing time on a short term basis. Maximum amount of testing time is one shift. Please contact the MX LABORATORY in advance to discuss the details.


Long term proposals (LTP)

For dedicated instruments it is possible to apply for beamtime over the period of two years (4 proposal rounds). The option is available in the technical part section of the proposal application. Instruments/beamlines available for long term proposals

  • U41-TXM

Information on long term proposals:  LTP