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Prepare your Beamtime

The HZB User Coordination provides a CHECKLIST describing briefly which steps our users will have to take when preparing a beamtime at BESSY II. There are also several very important steps that have to be followed by all participating experimentalists.

The large scale facility BESSY II is running 24h per day, 7 days per week. Breaks for maintenance are regularly scheduled. The BESSY II schedule is as follows:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Early (7-15) SD* Set-up / Comm User User User User User
Late (15-23) MC Comm / User User User User User User / MC
Night (23-7) MC User User User User User MC
  •      Sunday 19:00 to Tuesday 07:00
         Reserved for service and machine commissioning (MC/no beamtime available)
  •      Tuesday 07:00 to Tuesday 19:00
         Set-up of experiments (limited availability, please clarify with the beamline scientist before the experiment)
  •      Tuesday 19:00 to Sunday 19:00
         User shifts

This schedule includes different OPERATION MODES and shutdown periods as well as the hall access on Mondays (SD*). The latest shift-based schedule can be found in our ONLINE SCHEDULE.