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Department Sample Environment


Sample environment plays a crucial role for most beamline-based experiments. The main task of our department is the control of the physical parameters at the sample position like temperature, magnetic or electric field or pressure. In addition, we offer solutions for in-situ and in operando photon studies i.e. of gas absorption properties, catalytic processes, (electro-) chemical reactions in batteries and fuel cells, etc.

The sample environment group supports all beam line experiments at BESSY-II as well as the HZB inhouse labs. We provide our experience and a repertoire of sample environment equipment and tools to the beamlines and users groups. We help with the development and construction of novel sample environment components, which can be firmly integrated in the experimental stations or operated as modular and variable sample environment in combination with direct user service.

Scientific Highlights

Recent examples where sample environment has a essential impact on the feasibility and results of the investigation:


Useful Informations