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Access and Support

The HZB User Coordination provides an overview over the responsibilities of the main proposer and a BESSY II checklist which briefly describes which steps you will have to take when you are preparing a beamtime at BESSY II. There are several important steps that have to be followed by all participating experimentalists.

There are also things that have to be done

More detailed information about the preparation of your beamtime is given below.

Responsibilities of the Main Proposer

The Main Proposer on a HZB proposal has specific responsibilities for the experiment:

  • nominate the experimental team and inform the HZB User Office about any alteration concerning the prospective experimental team
  • ensure that a trained team capable of running the experiment on a 24-hour basis will be available and that the researchers will observe the respective regulations of HZB, especially on safety. Please note that for safety reasons we have to cancel your experiment if the number of present experimentalists is insufficient.
  • ensure that information on sample and safety aspects of the experiment are correct and complete
  • ensure that an experimental report is submitted within 3 months of experiment completion and that results from experiments at HZB are published within a reasonable time frame
  • ensure that HZB is acknowledged in publications and that HZB staff - where appropriate - are included as author

Things to be done prior to the experiment

Declarations required

Please submit the following information at least 3 weeks before your allocated beamtime begins:

  • Proof of safety declaration: please declare changes in your safety declaration
  • Chemicals declaration: please add ALL chemicals (ATTENTION: samples are chemicals as well)/declare changes in your chemicals declaration
  • Experimental Team (Application for Badge & Dosimeter): please nominate your experimental team
  • Users of the MX Beamlines at the PSF@BESSY have to schedule their PSF-beamtime shifts.

All information must be submitted via GATE in the "prepare beamtime as responsible experimentalist" section.

Incomplete safety and chemicals declaration may lead to a delay of your experiment start.


Radiation Protection Regulations and Training

Since August 2012 BESSY II provides the so-called TOP-UP operation modus. This mode requires stringent radiation protection measures. Please carefully follow the instructions given in the BESSY II Radiation Protection Requirements and take care of the Radiation Protection Training in GATE.

Access to the controlled area at BESSY II cannot be guaranted for team members nominated less than three weeks in advance.


Accommodation for BESSY II users is available at the IBZ guesthouse (Internationales Begegnungszentrum, Wilhelm-Oswald-Str. 3-7, 12489 Berlin). Our 50 guest rooms are furnished and provide access to (shared) kitchen and (shared) bathrooms. Bed linen and towels are provided. Our guesthouse is a strictly non-smoking area, as is the interior of all HZB buildings.

Bookings for the guesthouse apartments must be made by the users through their GATE accounts (experiment number and execution period). Other inquirers may contact the HZB User Office in written form. All reservations have to comply with the Terms and conditions for the HZB guesthouses.

Price list (valid from March 11, 2019)

Room prices per night and person

GATE registered experimentalists


Single room 30 EUR 47 EUR

*Experimentalists may be accommodated at the HZB-guesthouse outside their allocated beamtime depending on room availability.


  • HZB reserves the right to choose the accommodation according to availability
  • Standard accommodation is in the HZB guest houses
  • In general accommodation is supported for the days of the experiments at HZB plus the date of arrival and the date of departure
  • Up to two additional days for preparation and for post beamtime activities may be granted
  • Additional days of accommodation are subject to be cleared with the HZB User Coordination prior to any bookings

In addition, the following hotels are located nearby:

Essential by Dorint Berlin-Adlershof
Airporthotel Berlin-Adlershof
ADAPT Apartments Berlin-Adlershof
IBB Blue Hotel Berlin-Adlershof

Additional option for accommodation for long term stays (one week or longer) is offered at the Studentendorf Adlershof.

Travel & Subsistence Support

German University Users

HZB provides financial support for users affiliated with German universities under the following condition:

  • the users participate in a beamtime related to an approved, external BESSY II proposal

German non-university research institutions do not qualify for financial support.


EU and EU associated Users

Within the EU CALIPSOplus Transnational Access program, financial support is provided:

  • to researchers who participate in a beamtime related to an approved, external BESSY II proposal
  • if the main proposer as well as the majority of the experimental team work in EU or EU-associated countries

Researchers from institutes in the following countries may be supported: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and United Kingdom.

EU associated countries (H2020): Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Faroe Islands, FYR of Macedonia, Georgia, Iceland, Israel, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey, Switzerland, and Ukraine.


Users from non-EU countries

Proposals from countries outside the EU may receive EU travel support upon request and only to a certain extent.

Eligible countries outside the EU: Africa, Central and South America, and some Asian Countries.


Users from Russia

Groups from Russia working at the Russian-German beamlines may receive support within the framework of the Russian-German Laboratory (RGL) at BESSY II.


General support regulations

The travel and subsistence support is limited to:

  • a maximum of two participants per beamtime
  • a maximum refund per experimentalist of 400 Euros for beamtimes which last more than 48 hours
  • a maximum refund per experimentalist of 200 Euros for shorter beamtime campaigns of less than 48 hours
  • the period of the scheduled beamtime. Up to two additional days each for preparation of experiments and post beamtime activities can be supported.

Please note: No daily allowance will be granted. Taxi or rental car costs are not reimbursed, unless otherwise agreed upon in advance. More details in the section Funding arrangements below.

All claims have to be substantiated by means of original receipts.
In case of several executions per proposal (i.e. BAG proposal), please contact the user coordination.

Travel and Subsistence Support has to be applied for in GATE prior to the beamtime. The eligibility will be checked by the User Office. Special arrangements need to be discussed with the User Office well in advance, at least 3 weeks before beamtime.

Funding arrangements

Applications for travel support have to be cleared with the HZB User Coordination well in advance. In general we do not reimburse any taxi or rental car costs, or transport of equipment.

The following steps have to be taken before the experiment:

  • Indicate your funding request in GATE upon proposal submission. Please find the information whether your proposal is eligible for travel & subsistence support in the proposal info in GATE once the proposal is accepted.
  • In GATE, the responsible experimentalist is asked to indicate which member(s) of the experimental team should benefit from the support. Any special arrangements must be cleared with the HZB User Coordination. The responsible experimentalist will receive a funding agreement by email.

For reports and publishing results please also have a look at the things to be done after the experiment section.

Reporting requirements

As recipient of financial support by the EU Commission via BESSY II you are obliged to meet the EU reporting requirements, please follow the guidelines stated here.

Important Notes


All correspondence will be sent to the main proposer/experimental scientist, unless the HZB User Office is informed otherwise by the main proposer. It is the responsibility of the main proposer to inform his co-proposers and the members of the experimental team.

Invitation letters

Personal invitation letters for members of the experimental team (e.g. for visa procedures) will only be sent on the request of the main proposer. The respective team member has to be registered in GATE.

Scheduling the experiment

Experiments are scheduled by the HZB User Coordination according to the decision of the Scientific Selection Panel and the availability of beamlines and stations. Of course preferred and inconvenient periods mentioned in the proposal are considered for scheduling if possible. 

Sample shipment

In case you have to send your sample in advance, please notify your local contact of the upcoming delivery. It is understood that the sending laboratory bears all costs of the shipment until our institute is reached. Please take care to declare the consignment correctly following the sample shipment info-file.

EU support programmes

HZB is member of a network of European and Middle Eastern synchrotron and free electron laser facilities  – the "Convenient Access to Light Sources Open to Innovation, Science and to the World" (CALIPSOplus). CALIPSOplus is a consortium of 19 partner organisations from 12 countries, involving a total of 14 synchrotrons and 8 free electron lasers totaling up to 82 500 hours of available experimental time.

More detailed information on the actual support programme can be found here.