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Reports and Feedback

For each completed experiment carried out at on of our HZB facilities the main proposer must hand in the HZB Experimental Report and the HZB Feedback Form via GATE. Please ensure that the report is submitted within 3 months of experiment completion and that results from experiments at HZB facilities are published within a reasonable time frame. The use of HZB facilities must be mentioned in the publication and HZB staff - where appropriate - has to be acknowledged or added to the authors list. Please find more detailed information for an adequate acknowledgement here.

Claims for travel reimbursement will only be processed after the Feedback and the Report for the respective project have been submitted via GATE.

HZB Experimental Report

Experimental reports are intended as interim summaries of the measurements made during an HZB experiment and as such do not necessarily need to contain the final conclusions or data analysis. Please include the following parts:

  1. Objectives
  2. Achievements
  3. First results

Part 1 and Part 2 are mandatory and must be submitted directly at the end of an experiment at HZB.
Part 3 is a pdf-upload and can be submitted later.

New proposals should be accompanied by experimental reports that consists of all three parts.

HZB Feedback Form

With your users feedback you help us to maintain a continously high quality of the HZB user service. The feedback the users submit is stored in the online tool GATE. Please hand in your HZB Feedback Form using GATE.

User group survey (EU database)

After the experiment, funded users are requested to complete a questionnaire directly in the European Comission's official survey management tool.

  • concerning question n° 1 of the questionnaire:
    The required EC Contract number for all supported proposals is 730872.
  • concerning question n° 2 of the questionnaire:
    Your User Project Acronym is your proposal ID, easily found in your GATE account.