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Outdoor test & monitoring platform for laboratory and industry‐scale solar modules (en)

At the HZB outdoor test field, we characterize solar modules under operating
conditions. Indoor analytics is used as an additional source of information
whenever needed. During the course of the year, the modules are exposed to
snow and freeze as well as to hot temperatures and a varying spectral irradiance.
We analyze different module types from cooperating partners. For the samples
shown on the picture, we acquire IV-curves under different orientations. Mpptracking
for industrial modules but also special mpp trackers for lab-scale samples
are available on request. Moreover, various non-destructive outdoor
characterizations (e.g. EL, IRT) can be performed in order to analyze the failure
modes and degradation rate precisely.

One focus of the investigations lies on the analysis of data (e.g. yield, temperature
coefficient) of solar modules in various setups, also under rather non-ideal
irradiation. Such setups are appropriate for the relevant application for instance
building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), e.g. North orientations, steep tilts.

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