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Young Investigator Group Magnetism and Coherent X-Ray Imaging

Young Investigator Group MaXRay

Our main goal is to visualize complex spin states and electronic textures under realistic "operando" conditions. Of particular interest are nanometer scale statics and ultrafast dynamics in synthetically layered atomically thin films, in which strong quantum interactions arise at the interfaces. To gain access to these unexplored territories, we

  • develop new in-operando imaging techniques with superior spatial and temporal resolution,
  • travel around the world to use the most advanced synchrotron and free-electron laser x-ray sources,
  • synthesize our own thin film materials with precisely tunable functional interfaces,
  • fabricate extremely small devices using some of the most advanced lithography tools,
  • employ GHz electrical and femtosecond optical stimuli, and
  • develop a deep understanding of the microscopic dynamics via analytical and numerical models.

Schematic illustration of our experiments, showing the in-operando imaging of an antiferromagnetic skyrmion spin texture. We perform high resolution imaging by x-ray holography while simultaneously exciting topological dynamics by GHz current pulses and femtosecond laser pulses.

Our current main goal is to image chiral and topological spin states in correlated materials, such as (i) antiferromagnets with chiral symmetry breaking and strong spin-orbit interactions and (ii) ferroelectric materials.

We are always interested in collaborations and we continuously search for the most talented young scientists join us in our efforts in this highly interdisciplinary field. Please contact us for any inquiries.