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Department Active Materials and Interfaces for Stable Perovskite Solar Cells


The department formed on March 2017 studies the materials and interfaces of perovskite solar cells in order to improve their long-term stability.

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Department Novel Materials and interfaces for photovoltaic solar cells

Photovoltaic solar cells can directly convert the sunlight into electric energy by making use of the photovoltaic effect in semiconductors. Halide perovskites are emerging crystalline semiconducting materials with among the strongest light absorption and the most effective electric charge generation needed to design the highest efficient photovoltaic solar cells. Their efficiency has increased very rapidly from 3.8% in 2009 to over 22.1% nowdays. The long-term stability of these cells is crucial for their economic viability, and yet this criterion is still barely studied. Antonio Abate’s goal is to develop stable perovskite solar cells with an operating life exceeding 25 years.