Hood 2a

User Chemistry Lab 14.51-3195

The Chemistry Laboratory is located in the main building on ground floor level. It comprises:

  • fume hoods
  • balance
  • storage containers for hazardous chemicals
  • explosion-proof refrigerator
  • selection of glassware

Further equipment is available on request.

If you want to use the chemistry lab during your next beamtime at BESSY II we would like to ask you to contact  Beatrix-Kamelia Seidlhofer or Anna-Marie Runge in timely manner before your arrival. Both will be glad to support you with your experiments.

Please fill in this registration form at least 7 days prior to your work in the chemistry lab, where you can give us more details on your experiment, your arrival dates etc. With this information, we are able to arrange an individual lab safety instruction for you and prepare safety precautions in time. During this year, you can access the lab. After one year, you need to refresh the instruction. Anna-Marie Runge or Beatrix-Kamelia Seidlhofer will hand a magnet card to you during normal office hours and the “Hallendienst” during the rest of time.