• Denker, A.; Bundesmann, J.; Damerow, T.; Fanselow, T.; Hildebrand, D.; Hiller, U.; Kailouh, I.; Kourkafas, G.; Ozierenski, S.; Rethfeldt, C.; Röhrich, J.; Seidel, S.; Zimmer, C.: Status of the HZB Cyclotron. In: Lowry Conradie ... [Ed.] : CYC2019 : Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Cyclotrons and their ApplicationsGeneve: JACoW, 2019. - ISBN 978-3-95450-205-9, p. TUC02/254-256

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For more than 20 years eye tumours are treated in collaboration with the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin. The close co-operation between Charité and HZB permits joint interdisciplinary research. Irradiations with either a sharp, well focused or a broad beam, either in vacuum or in air are possible. In addition, a 60Co-source for γ-irradiations is available. Experiments now comprise dosimetry, detector comparisons, and ambulant mouse irradiations. Furthermore, radiation hardness tests on detectors, CCDcameras and other electronics are performed. In order to improve the beam diagnosis between the 2 MV injector Tandetron and the cyclotron a harp has been installed, leading to new beam line calculations for the injection line.