• Klimm, D.; Szczefanowicz, B.; Wolff, N.; Bickermann, M.: Phase diagram studies for the growth of (Mg,Zr):SrGa12O19 crystals. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 147 (2022), p. 7133–7139

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By differential thermal analysis, a concentration field suitable for the growth of Zr, Mg co-doped strontium hexagallate crystals was observed that corresponds well with known experimental results. It was shown that the melting point of doped crystal is ca. 60 K higher than that of undoped crystals. This higher melting points indicate hexagallate phase stabilization by Zr, Mg co-doping and increase the growth window of (Mg,Zr):SrGa12O19, compared to undoped SrGa12O19 that grows from SrO–Ga2O3 melts.