• Landolt, F.; Yan, Z.; Gvasaliya, S.; Beauvois, K.; Ressouche, E.; Xu, J.; Zheludev, A.: Phase diagram and spin waves in the frustrated ferro-antiferromagnet SrZnVO(PO4)2. Physical Review B 104 (2021), p. 224435/1-8

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Single crystals of the frustrated S=1/2 ferro-antiferromagnetic proximate square lattice material SrZnVO(PO4)2 are studied in magnetometric, calorimetric, neutron diffraction, and inelastic neutron scattering experiments. The measured spin wave spectrum reveals a substantial degree of magnetic frustration and a large quantum renormalization of the exchange constants. The H−T magnetic phase diagram is established. It features a novel presaturation phase, which appears for only one particular field orientation. The results are discussed noting the similarities and differences with the previously studied and similarly structured Pb2VO(PO4)2 compound.