• Stemer, D.; Buttersack, T.; Haak, H.; Malerz, S.; Schewe, H.C.; Trinter, F.; Mudryk, K.; Pugini, M.; Credidio, B.; Seidel, R.; Hergenhahn, U.; Meijer, G.; Thürmer, S.; Winter, B.: Photoelectron spectroscopy from a liquid flatjet. The Journal of Chemical Physics 158 (2023), p. 234202/1-10

Open Access Version

We demonstrate liquid-jet photoelectron spectroscopy from a flatjet formed by the impingement of two micron-sized cylindrical jets of different aqueous solutions. Flatjets provide flexible experimental templates enabling unique liquid-phase experiments that would not be possible using single cylindrical liquid jets. One such possibility is to generate two co-flowing liquid-jet sheets with a common interface in vacuum, with each surface facing the vacuum being representative of one of the solutions, allowing face-sensitive detection by photoelectron spectroscopy. The impingement of two cylindrical jets also enables the application of different bias potentials to each jet with the principal possibility to generate a potential gradient between the two solution phases. This is shown for the case of a flatjet composed of a sodium iodide aqueous solution and neat liquid water. The implications of asymmetric biasing for flatjet photoelectron spectroscopy are discussed. The first photoemission spectra for a sandwich-type flatjet comprised of a water layer encapsulated by two outer layers of an organic solvent (toluene) are also shown.