• Kojda, K.; Sigusch, I.; Klemke, B.; Gerischer, S.; Kiefer, K.; Fritsch, K.; Guguschev, Chr.; Habicht, K.: Advancing the precision of thermal Hall measurements for novel materials research. Materials & Design 237 (2024), p. 112595/1-20

Open Access Version

Precision thermal Hall measurements unlock potential for unraveling fundamental thermal transport principles in novel materials. This work addresses the challenge of resolving sub-mK temperature differences in magnetic fields by employing high-precision capacitance thermometry with thermalized electronics, achieving a background noise of approximately 40 µK at 30 K. The novelty lies in the improvement and combination of innovative approaches, including the application of attenuators for thermal anchoring, a modular multi-stage approach to reduce thermal gradients, direct thermometer-sample assembly, and the use of individual capacitance bridges for faster measurements. The setup performance is demonstrated for the pyrochlore oxide terbium titanate and the longitudinal and transverse thermal conductivities agree with the literature. We show that the transverse temperature difference is proportional to the product of magnetic field times heating power for fields up to 5 T, enabling improved statistics compared to individual sweeps analysis. We conduct an analysis of uncertainties in the transverse thermal conductivity, considering various thermometer calibrations for extracting temperature differences. This analysis reveals a significant influence of the longitudinal conductivity on the transverse thermal conductivity. These advancements allow for unprecedented temperature resolution and stability, while identified resolution limitations pave the way for next-generation setups.