• Rawat, R.; Panchal, G.; Kumar Mandal, A.; Choudhary, R.J.; Phase, D.M.: Intrinsically strained hexagonal Sr0.6Ba0.4MnO3 oxygen partial pressure dependent texturing and weak ferromagnetic behavior. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 569 (2023), p. 170467/1-7


We have probed the effect of intrinsic strain on the structural and magnetic properties of magneto-electric hexagonal Sr0.6Ba0.4MnO3 (SBMO) thin film grown by pulsed laser deposition on LaAlO3 (1 1 0) substrate by varying oxygen partial pressure (OPP). While the grown films show hexagonal structure with varying OPP, transition from oriented to polycrystalline growth is observed with increase in OPP. Raman spectroscopy confirms the P63/mmc symmetry of grown films along with the indication of distortion of octahedral. Magnetization measurements reveal room temperature weak ferromagnetic behavior in the thin films, which is in contrast to antiferromagnetic nature of its bulk counterpart. X-ray magnetic circular dichroism measurement confirms weak ferromagnetic behavior with contribution from unquenched orbital magnetic moment.