• Wang, Q.; Zhou, D.; Zhao, C.; Wang, J.; Guo, H.; Wang, L.; Yao, Z.; Wong, D.; Schuck, G.; Bai, X.; Lu, J.; Wagemaker, M.: Fast-charge high-voltage layered cathodes for sodium-ion batteries. Nature Sustainability 7 (2024), p. 338–347


Sodium-ion batteries have not only garnered substantial attention for grid-scale energy storage owing to the higher abundance of sodium compared with lithium, but also present the possibility of fast charging because of the inherently higher sodium-ion mobility. However, it remains a phenomenal challenge to achieve a combination of these merits, given the complex structural chemistry of sodium-ion oxide materials. Here we show that O3-type sodium-ion layered cathodes (for example, Na5/6Li2/27Ni8/27Mn11/27Ti6/27O2) have the potential to attain high power density, high energy density (260 Wh kg−1 at the electrode level) and long cycle life (capacity retention of 80% over 700 cycles in full cells). The design involves introduction of characteristic P3-structural motifs into an O3-type framework that serves to promote sodium-ion diffusivity and address detrimental transition metal migration and phase transition at a high state of charge. This study provides a principle for the rational design of sodium-ion layered oxide electrodes and advances the understanding of the composition–structure–property relationships of oxide cathode materials.