• Marchenko, D.; Sánchez-Barriga, J.; Scholz, M.R.; Rader, O.; Varykhalov, A.: Spin splitting of Dirac fermions in aligned and rotated graphene on Ir(111). Physical Review B 87 (2013), p. 115426/1-8


Graphene grown catalytically on Ir(111) shows a large substrate-induced spin-orbit splitting of so ∼ 50 meV in spin- and angle-resolved photoemission. Its origin is hybridization as revealed by large gaps in the π band. Reducing the growth temperature results in a very large splitting of the Dirac cone, which is found to be of geometric origin and allows for the structural identification of a rotated graphene phase. The spin-orbit splitting on this phase is considerably smaller, which implies that the magnitude of the extrinsic spin-orbit splitting in supported graphene can be controlled by its rotational displacement to the substrate.