New charging points for electric cars installed in Adlershof

© HZB/C. Hanke (alle Fotos)

On 14 May 2020, two charging points for electric cars were installed near the BESSY II main building. But not only the hybrid company car fleet is to be charged here. Soon, employees will also have the opportunity to charge their private cars at one of the charging points.

"I am very pleased that we were able to remove the legal obstacles and that the first pillars are now in place at HZB. Two charging points will also be installed at the Wannsee location in a few weeks," says energy manager Carina Hanke from the FM-T department. This should also promote the electromobility of employees* who commute to work by car - a trend that will certainly continue in the coming years. One charging point with two charging points each is reserved for the HZB company car fleet, the other charging point will be available to employees.

The "fuel" will come from the green electricity that HZB obtains from its electricity supplier. Billing and payment are conveniently carried out with your own smartphone via an app. The amount of the fee due for this is currently being determined. We will inform you as soon as the charging points are also available for private vehicles.


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