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Quantum and Functional Materials

Nearly all key technological, economic, and social areas are undergoing a profound digital transformation. Information, data handling, and processing capabilities will increasingly determine the pace at which the digitalization evolves. However, current digital technologies have constraints and limitations regarding their functionality, requiring a paradigm shift in information and quantum technologies (QT). Materials research is an integral basis and key enabler in quantum sensing, quantum computing, quantum metrology, quantum communication, as well as neuromorphic computing.

By exploring, understanding, controlling, and manipulating the electronic properties of quantum materials, we strive to develop new functionalities and integrate them into components, devices, and qubits. To reach this goal, we pursue material development and integration into prototypes in collaboration with key partners in academia and industry by exploiting advanced in-situ and operando capabilities. By understanding and using quantum computation, we will assess conceptual features for the design of quantum materials and qubit systems. Through our R&D, we provide key elements to new paradigms, concepts, and materials for future information technologies and the building blocks for quantum and neuromorphic technologies.

Institute of Functional Oxides for Energy Efficient IT

Department Dynamics and Transport in Quantum Materials

Department Theory of Novel Quantum Materials

Young Investigator Group Magnetism and Coherent X-Ray Imaging

Joint research group Quantum Computing and Simulation

Quantum many-body theory, quantum information theory, and quantum optics Prof. Dr. Jens Eisert - Dahlem Center for Complex Quantum Systems