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Job opportunities

Test solar cell

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application until 07.12.2022    CE 2022/23

Postdoc (f/m/d) Operando X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy

application until 11.12.2022    CE 2022/24

Postdoc (f/m/d) in the Field of Physics, Materials Science, or a Related Discipline for Investigations of Solid-State Batteries with Dual-Mode X-Ray and Neutron Tomography

application until 28.12.2022    CE 2022/27

Postdoc (f/m/d) in Electrochemistry

application until 31.12.2022    CE 2022/28

Postdoc (w/m/d) in the Field of Material Science, Physics, or Chemistry

application until 01.01.2023    PS 2022/10

Data Scientist (f/m/d) for 3D Image Analysis

application until 04.01.2023    WI 2022/20

Postdoc Scientist (f/m/d) in Physics

application until 08.01.2023    SE 2022/54

Postdoc (f/m/d) for the Development of Perovskite-Based Triple Cells


application until 11.12.2022    SE 2022/43

Doctoral Student (f/m/d) in Material Science or Chemistry for Catalytic Thin-Film Deposition, Characterization and Testing for Carbon Dioxide Activation


application until 11.12.2022    GF 2022/33

Head of Department (f/m/d) Control and Electrical Engineering for the Implementation of the Decommissioning of the Research Reactor BER II


application until 02.12.2022    SE 2022/48

Development Engineer (w/m/d) for Contacting Solar Cells

application until 03.12.2022    FM 2022/8

State-Certified Technician / Engineer (f/m/d)

application until 07.12.2022    BE 2022/11

Ingenieur*in für Leistungselektronik

application until 29.12.2022    WI 2022/17

Electronics Technician for Scientific Technology in Shift Work (f/m/d)


application until 11.12.2022    IT 2022/21

Student Assistant (f/m/d)

application until 11.12.2022    IT 2022/22

IT System Administrator (f/m/d)

application until 18.12.2022    IT 2022/24

SAP Software Engineer (f/m/d)

application until 26.12.2022    IT 2022/25

Senior IT Project Manager (f/m/d)


application until 11.12.2022    QM 2022/21

Office Manager / Foreign Language Secretary (f/m/d) in Part-Time

application until 18.12.2022    GF 2022/34

Team Assistant / Office Manager (f/m/d) in Part-Time

application until 18.12.2022    A 2022/14

Advisor on Principle Affairs (f/m/d) People Operations

application until 25.12.2022    GF 2022/32

Event Manager (f/m/d) in the Communications Department

application until 26.12.2022    PS 2022/14

Office Manager / Foreign Language Secretary (f/m/d) in full-time at the Institute for Electronic Structure Dynamics and for the dismantling of the research reactor BER II

application until 26.12.2022    A 2022/10

(Junior) SAP HCM Key User (w/m/d) People Operations

application until 26.12.2022    GF 2022/35

Chemistry Officer (f/m/d) in the Central Safety Department

application until 26.12.2022    A 2022/13

(Junior) HR Business Partner (f/m/d)

application until 01.01.2023    SE 2022/52

Team Assistance (f/m/d) / Office Manager Part-Time (50%) for our Adlershof Site

application until 01.01.2023    GF 2022/37

Jurist*in Arbeitsrecht


application until 08.12.2022    IT 2022/20

Dual Computer Science Degree Programme 2023

application until 31.01.2023    FM 2022/9

Trainee/Apprentice Chef (f/m/d)


application until 07.12.2022    WI 2022/16

Development Engineer (f/m/d) for the Cryogenic In-Vacuum APPLE-II Undulator